Frequently Asked Questions

Our card saves our members hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on the cost of their prescriptions. The best way to ensure YOUR savings, is to understand how the card works.
How do I activate my card?

Your card is already activated. All you need to do is to put your Christian Healthcare Ministry member number in the spot after the 321-________ on your card. If you are sharing with friends and family, have them use the code 321-123456.

How do I know the price of my medication?

You can simply walk into a participating pharmacy, but to ensure greater savings, shop online first. Go to the PRICING page. There is a video showing you the steps to take.

How do I know what pharmacies accept the card?

Go to our PHARMACIES page and input your zip code.

My doctor's office wanted to know where they should send my prescription, but I don't know where it is cheapest. What can I do?

You have two options:

  1. You can go to our mobile site and research the price while at the doctor's office
  2.  You can request a paper prescription. From there you can go home and look online or complete the form on our website.
What kind of savings can I expect?

On average, our card has been saving members 60% off the retail price of medications. This is an average, and savings are mainly on generic medications. 10% of medications may not receive a discount.

Why can't I find my medication's cost?

Not all forms of medication are able to be priced online. These include inhalers, injectibles, aerosols, liquids and creams. If you price these, and put a quantity of 1 per day and 1 day, you will get relative pricing, meaning that you'll know which pharmacy has the lowest price per unit.

Do you have mail order?

Unfortunately, mail order pricing is not available through the web pricing tool, but you can contact CHRMx at 877-403-8233 and we will be happy to find out pricing for you.

My brand name medication was not discounted!

Brand name medication's pricing is highly regulated in the United States. We offer for members who are taking expensive brand name medications, either because there is no generic equivalent or because their doctor recommends the brand version. This mail order program also includes discount dental, vision, chiropractic and hearing for the entire family for $30/mo. Click here for more information.

The price of my medication suddenly went up.

This may be caused by several factors and we may be able to help get your drug prices back down. The most common reasons:

  1. The drug manufacturer raised the price
  2.  Your generic medication was provided by another company (please notify us and we can tell you which generic to request from now on)
  3.  Your claim was processed improperly (see below)

Notify us via the CONTACT page and we'll see what we can do. In the meantime, check out MEMBERS WELLNESS and Points of Care MAIL ORDER for potential savings there.

My pharmacy said the card is expired or did not work!

Our cards do not expire, even if you are no longer a Christian Healthcare Ministry member. Before leaving the pharmacy, have the pharmacy staff call the Pharmacy Help Desk at 800-329-0988.

If you feel you were overcharged, then complete the form on the CONTACT US page. We will research your claim. If you are eligible for a refund, you will be able to go back to the pharmacy and receive reimbursement. THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE, so be sure to notify us immediately, or your pharmacy may not honor the reimbursement.

How can I get another card?

You may download one directly to your phone. You may download and print your own copy. You may complete the form and we will mail you a card.

I still have questions!

Go to the CONTACT page and complete our online form for the quickest response. You may also call us at 877-403-8233.

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